Good News!

We are so thankful to share some big praises! First of all, thanks to those who prayed for NIkki’s dad. His surgery went smoothly, and he got a cancer-free report. He is recovering well and already back at work.

Also, we had a great conference last week, and also had a couple more churches take us on for support. Cambodia is looking closer and closer. We were able to have a talk with Bro. Ruppel, the missionary we will be working with at first over there, and really get some good planning advice.

We have spent the last few days with our ministry partners, the Stivers family, enjoying some fellowship and working on preparation. Last night, we took a big step and bought our plane tickets! By God’s grace, and thanks to the generosity of churches across the nation, we will be leaving for Cambodia on January 7, 2014. The countdown is beginning, and you will notice the tally on the sidebar. Please continue praying as we enter the home stretch of deputation!

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