The kingdom of Cambodia is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, bordered by Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. Majestic ancient temples, lush rice fields, and bustling cities characterize this land. More importantly, it is home to over 16 million souls in need of Christ.

In the past, the Cambodian people have experienced much suffering and repression. Today, however, there is an open door for the gospel, and many Cambodians are disillusioned with the traditional Buddhism and spiritism that 96% of the population practices. Though deep poverty exists throughout Cambodia, the need of souls who have never heard the gospel or been told of the true God is far greater. God’s name needs to be lifted up in Cambodia.

Why Cambodia?
In 2007, the Lord led me to spend the summer helping a missionary family in Cambodia. The burden that was placed in my heart that summer never died, and in early 2011, God confirmed in both of our hearts that Cambodia was His chosen field for us. We took a survey trip in October 2011, and the Lord gave us further guidance regarding the church-planting work He has called us to there.

Discover the spiritual need in Cambodia

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