Progress and Prayer Request

As the summer comes to an end, we are currently in Western Massachusetts, prepping for another conference in Pennsylvania at the end of the week. Joshua is enjoying the chance to spend some time with his great-grandmother while we are here. We had the opportunity this weekend to visit a couple churches in Connecticut, connecting with an old friend and then presenting at North Stonington Baptist Church. We had a wonderful time with Pastor Tim Gengarella and also shared some fellowship with several who spent time in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. I am always very interested to hear the experiences of these men, and marvel at how the Lord has worked His will in opening that part of the world up to the gospel.

Papaw McElveen

Deputation is progressing well. We currently have 94% of our support promised, and are planning to fly out this upcoming January. Please be in prayer for our moving preparation.

Please pray also for Nikki’s dad, Charles McElveen. He is scheduled for thyroid surgery tomorrow to remove a suspicious lump. We are hoping and praying for a good result from this procedure, and would appreciate you joining us in lifting him up before the Lord.

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