20180119_105617THE PLACE

The town of Memot is located in Tboung Khmum (“Amber”) province, on the eastern border of Cambodia next to Vietnam. Tboung Khmum province has about the size and population of the state of Delaware, and is well known for agriculture, especially rubber and black pepper. The town of Memot is the main market and government center for a district of almost 150,000 people. As the only urban center in a very rural area, Memot exercises a great deal of influence on the 175 villages that make up the surrounding district.


According to recent statistics, Tboung Khmum province is the least evangelized area in Cambodia – less than 0.05% professing Christians! In our own personal surveying, we too have found few churches of any sort, and very little knowledge of the Gospel. Although there are a few small house churches in villages near Memot, we know of no gospel witness in the town itself, and at this time we feel strongly that the Lord would have us move to this area to begin evangelism with the goal of planting churches in this needy area.


We plan to move to the town of Memot in spring 2019, begin proclaiming the gospel, and by the Lord’s grace, plant a church there!