Drop Ins

As missionaries, we spend most of our time in scheduled meetings with different churches. Sometimes, however, we will have an open service, and so we will “drop in” on a local church for the chance to worship with them and meet them.

Phillips FamilyThis past Sunday, we had a wonderful scheduled meeting in Rutledge, GA, but this Wednesday was open. We decided to drop in on a church in Snellville, GA. It’s pretty much a given that if we visit unannounced, the pastor will not be there. Last night was no exception, although the Lord had a special surprise in store for us. As we walked in the door we thought we recognized some familiar faces, only to find out that it was fellow missionaries to Cambodia, Chad and Linda Phillips! We met them initially on our survey trip in 2011 and had not seen them since. They are currently on furlough and we were so encouraged to see their report of God’s working in Cambodia and to spend some time in fellowship.

Life as a missionary can be full of unexpected surprises. We rejoice in the Lord giving us this special opportunity. Please pray for the Phillips as they continue their furlough travels and for us as we travel back up to Virginia for some meetings this weekend.

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