What You Feed Me I Will Swallow…

Mission banquets are a fun aspect of many mission conferences. We get to sample dishes from many different countries while fellowshipping with pastors, church members, and other missionaries. The mission banquet this weekend at Calvary Baptist Church in Colonial Heights, VA seemed at first to be fairly typical.


Then they announced the balut eating contest. For those of you who are not familiar with balut, it is a popular snack in the Phillipines and other places in Southeast Asia, such as Cambodia. It consists of a boiled duck egg with a partially developed duck embryo inside. About 20 people – including Pastor Haskett, many church members, other missionaries, and myself – participated in the contest. Brother Edgar Landingin, a Filipino missionary to Cambodia, instructed me in the finer points of balut eating. It was certainly a memorable experience, although no doubt only the first of many.

Balut aside, we had a wonderful missions weekend with this church that has a strong burden for missions. Many members had actually been to Cambodia on missions trips before and had a great interest in our work there. We were blessed and encouraged greatly. Please do keep us in your prayers as we battle the flu that is going around.

For those of you who do the Twitter thing, we just got a Twitter account. You can follow us @browns2cambodia if you would like.

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