To the Jews of the Old Testament, the Jubilee was to be a time of great joy and rejoicing. We found that still to be the case at the Central Georgia Jubilee last week. This meeting is hosted by Pastor Danny Mundy and the Calvary Baptist Church of Gray, GA, but preachers and church members came from all around the region to share in the festivities. Plenty of good old-fashioned preachin’ and singin’ (or should I say sangin’…) characterized the meeting, and the Lord’s Spirit was at work. We were greatly blessed to be a part, and also to have the chance to minister through song and preaching.

On this trip, my sisters Elizabeth and Abigail accompanied us. This was their first experience of Georgia, so we got to introduce them to some local traditions like The Varsity and the Atlanta Braves, as well as to the camp-meeting spirit. All in all, this has been a time of Jubilee!

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