For many, this abbreviation means nothing; but for others, it evokes memories of sea breezes, sand dunes, and long beaches. The Outer Banks of North Carolina, affectionately known as “OBX”, are a series of islands on the Atlantic coast familiar to many Easterners as a resort area. In this unique area, Pastor Tony Facenda and the friendly people of Still Waters Baptist Church are faithfully standing for the truth. During their missions conference this past week, we had the chance to experience some of the distinctive features of the Outer Banks: beautiful views, history, and fresh seafood. Most special, however, were the wonderful services and the chance to be challenged afresh to the burden of world evangelism. Much time was devoted by the members of the church to learning about us and the other missionary families there, and they truly went above and beyond to take care of us. We now have a one more great reason to visit the Outer Banks!

One thought on “OBX

  1. AND YOU SAW ME…..I can’t believe this isnt in here. LOL. I am praying for you guys and love seeing these come up in myfacebook feed. I hope you can get to cambodia really quickly!

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