Ladies’ Tea

Mrs. Ruppel taught the lesson

One of the many holidays celebrated here is Cambodia that is not celebrated in the US is International Women’s Day. Since Mother’s Day is not observed here, this is one the biggest opportunities for our church to do something for the ladies. This past Saturday, our church here in Phnom Penh had a Ladies’ Tea. There was a great turnout of church members, visitors, and ladies from other local churches. Mrs. Ruppel taught a wonderful lesson and presented the gospel to the ladies. We were especially excited that our landlord’s wife came with her children. They are Buddhists and are far as we know have not really been exposed to church or the gospel. We are praying that the Lord would use the contacts made and relationships strengthened for the furtherance of the gospel. Please be in prayer for our landlord’s family. Because our language abilities are so limited right now, we can’t do too much, but we desire to be used of the Lord in their lives.

Nikki and Srey Oun
Nikki with a new friend