New Hope

The recent election points out the tendency we have to look to men for our hope. Without doubt, we live in a world grasping for hope anywhere. New Hope Baptist Church is the name of the church that I interned at in Cambodia, and is also the name of the wonderful church in Salisbury, North Carolina that we spent this past Sunday with. That name highlights the wonderful hope we have in Christ, and the folks at New Hope are excited about getting that message out! We were so encouraged by the zeal of Pastor Worley and the many friendly people we met. They helped us along our way, and we are pleased to partner with them.

We had another special treat this Wednesday – the rare opportunity to worship at our home church. Having such a faithful and loving church family behind us encourages us greatly. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing our pastor preach again and fellowshipping with our Christian brothers and sisters.

Please be in prayer for Nikki as she is still dealing with some of the morning sickness aspect of pregnancy. The next few weeks will be very busy, and we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us!

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