Pumpkins, Preaching, and Progress

It is always exciting for us to see the different and creative methods that local churches are using to reach their communities. Some of the greatest conferences we have been in have combined the emphasis on world evangelism with a strong emphasis on local and personal evangelism. Our latest conference, in Beallsville (pronounced “Bellsville”), Ohio, certainly characterized that.

After several nights of rousing preaching and singing at their mission conference, we joined with the people of East Sunsbury Baptist Church for the annual Pumpkin Festival Parade in a nearby town. The church had decorated a float, and we were able to march through the town handing out tracts along the three-mile route. For such a rural area, the turnout for the parade was incredible, and by God’s grace we were able to distribute about 7,000 tracts! Pray that fruit will come out of this time of sowing. We also really appreciated staying with Pastor Jeff Cox and his wonderful family.

We have officially now hit the 6-month mark in our deputation. God has provided bountifully for us, and every need has been supplied. Currently, we have almost 40% of our support pledged from various churches and individuals. We praise God for helping us to get to this point. We are praying earnestly that in the next year, the Lord will allow us to reach 100% of our support. Please labor with us in your prayers for the Cambodian people and for the work God has called us to.

One thought on “Pumpkins, Preaching, and Progress

  1. What a tremendous blessing it is to read your posts and know how God is blessing your deputation.We are praying for you and rejoice as we see your support level increasing. We just concluded our missions conference here at Good News Baptist and reached our goal of $220,000 last night. Praise the Lord!

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