City of Sin?

“Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin,
You won’t come out the way you went in.”

Despite it’s unfortunate reputation, God is still doing a work in Lynn, Massachusetts.
Located just north of Boston in a very urban setting, New Hope Baptist Church continues to preach the gospel and evangelize this spiritually needy community. We had the opportunity to spend the entire day with this remarkably warm and friendly congregation. I had the privilege of preaching both services, and Nikki sung a couple a specials. Praise God for the lady who received the Lord in the morning service! Due to the large Cambodia population in the area, there was a great deal of interest in our mission. Several Cambodia Christians in the church also spent some time sharing their testimonies with us and encouraging us as we prepare to go to their home country. We pray that many of the inhabitants of Lynn will indeed be changed by the ministry of New Hope Baptist Church.

We had a “minor” difficulty with our car this past weekend – an electrical one that caused all our turn signals to go out. Needless to say, it was extremely interesting driving through the busy cities of the North Shore of Boston with no turn signals. We found that my arm signals were not particularly well received, and will never take turn signals for granted again! By God’s grace, that problem is now cared for, and we praise Him for the gifts of His people that paid for the repair.

A special treat this summer has been catching up with much of my extended family here in the Northeast. We are currently in Bangor, Maine with one more stop in New England before traveling south of the Mason-Dixon line. Thanks everyone who is praying, supporting and encouraging us!

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