Summer Travels

The fact that we have not posted recently certainly does not mean things have been boring for us! In fact, it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks.

Our great summer trek started with a stop in Ohio to spend some time with our ministry partners, Chris and Diana Stivers. They are also on deputation to go to Cambodia, and our plan is to work as a church-planting team. We had a wonderful time catching up with them and their young son Connor. During our stay, we also got to help their home church, Gospel Baptist Church, as they converted an old school bus to be used in their bus ministry. Valuable time was spent in planning and fellowship.

Our next stop was Pittsfield, MA, to present our work to Cornerstone Baptist Church, a church my family and I attended every summer on vacation. Nikki and I both had an opportunity to minister here. Pastor Neiner graciously allowed me to preach that evening, in a service that several members of my extended family attended. This was a great blessing and an answer to prayer. My family was up visiting as well, so we enjoyed the New England weekend together.

The 4th of July week found us in Dover, DE for Capitol Baptist Church’s annual Jubilee meeting. Strong preaching in the morning and evenings and our wonderful hosts the Wheelers made this a terrific week. One of the highlights was an afternoon of door-to-door soul-winning, in which both Nikki and I had the privilege of leading young people to the Lord. We also got to see our college friends Stephen and Julie Knickerbocker, missionaries to Burkina Faso, and spend some time catching up with them. We left Delaware physically tired but spiritually refreshed.

This past weekend, we travelled back to Massachusetts, enjoying services in Fitchburg, MA and North Adams, MA. North Adams is only a few miles down the road from Williams College, site of the famous Haystack Prayer Meeting. This took place in 1806 when 5 seminary students took shelter under a haystack during a rainstorm. Their talk, then their prayers turned to missions, and the prayer meeting that followed is credited with starting the modern mission movement in the US. It was a special reminder to stand on the location where this pivotal event took place, and join our prayers to theirs. May God bless us all with the zeal that these young men had for His work.

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